Versatile service provider, van Werven, starts with DENS PowerHub

Van Werven,versatile service provider of infra & recycling projects. Operates in the field of sustainable infrastructure, recycling (circular economy) and fertile soil. "Challenged by society and customers, we have been seeking and finding new connections for almost 75 years" according to Cor van Werven. "Because we are always looking for solutions while being a family business with the freedom to invest for the long term, we can adapt very well to a changing society."

Challenging conditions
The factthat the construction and infra sector is facing a considerable challenge toachieve a zero-emission construction site, has long been known. With the recentruling around nitrogen regulations, these challenging circumstances have gainedmomentum. "We have prepared for this rapid turnaround, by now we have allsorts of electrified equipment at our disposal. And where there is electrifiedwork, there has to be loading. In reality we see different scenarios, everyproject requires different specifications. But one fact remains, you alwayswant to be self-sufficient on a project.

Own generated energy
We haveequipped all our company sites with solar panels, but the energy we generate isnot always used immediately. By storing this energy in a battery we can use ourown generated power at projects where there is no grid connection (yet) orwhere the connection cannot provide sufficient capacity. The way in which wecan totally unburden our customers in this way is significant; we provide areal solution!

It wasobvious to us that the battery solution we were looking for had to be maximallyflexible, in terms of capacity (kWh), transportation and the possibilities ofdeploying its power. With the Powerhub, DENS offers a tailor-made solution thatis multi deployable at the same time. The battery packs can be powered by bothenergy from the grid, from solar or wind sources or from the less desirable butnevertheless possible fossil sources. The flat rack system is the idealsolution for us. We simply use our own trucks equipped with hookloaders. Thebattery system developed by DENS stands out because it was developed whilecomplying with the new PGS37 regulations that will become mandatory from 2024.The system is compartmentalized, can optionally be cooled per module and isequipped with a fire prevention system per module to limit possible damage.

The purchase of 2 flat racks with a total of over 2.2mWh of battery capacityensures that works that must be conducted emission-free, as in ourcollaboration with BAM, can be contracted. As already mentioned, Van Werven provides a real solution.

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