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DENS is a high-tech development company based in Noord-Brabant, which has been working on technological developments in the field of battery, fuel cell and Hydrozine technology since 2015.

Extensive knowledge about these new and climate-neutral techniques is still scarce in the market, but DENS has built up its expertise in recent years and thus broad expertise at the mechanical, electrical, chemical and software technical level. This in-house development team enables DENS to respond quickly to an uncertain and ever-changing supply chain and to easily realize customer-specific solutions.

Every system that DENS has developed is digitally drawn down to the last bolt and fully tested for quality and functionality.

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A brief breakdown of our journey so far

2023 • June
New DENS office at Automotive Campus

Further enhancing their presence and collaboration within the automotive industry ecosystem.

2023 • May
Biggest mobile battery in the world delivered

DENS delivers the world's largest mobile battery system, with a staggering 2.32 MWh capacity.

2023 • January
Production line battery systems ready

In just a few months from design to production of the world's largest mobile battery system.

2022 • January
Start of series production

During 2022 preparations are made to start serieproduction of the 25kW Hydrozine generator.

2020 • December
Market introduction of the DENS power generator

First pilot series were introduced to the market.

2019 • December
Finishing the first 25kW Generator

DENS and Heijmans tested the Hydrozine generator succesful at Atlas Living Lab in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology.

2018 • December
Finishing the X2 prototype

The first version of the X2 prototype which delivers 2 Kw is ready to be tested. DENS continues to the development of a generator that produces 25 kw, which will be commercially available.

2018 • July
DENS founded

Key members of Team FAST are taking the next step by bringing this technology to market by starting DENS. DENS’ reformer technology can eventually replace all combustion engines and can be applied in a wide range of industries. Initially, we focus on developing and building stationary power generators.

2018 • June
A Formic Acid Generator

Team FAST tests the formic acid to power generator for the first time out-door during the reconstruction of the N211 together with the BAM.

2017 • July
Bus concept

Team FAST presents the concept of a 12m VDL bus driving on formic acid. The team never drove the bus while charging since the system was not ready for mobile operation. Later the system was applied stationary during a pilot with the BAM.

2015 • March
Formauto Junior

Six months after Team FAST started, they presented a 1-meter car driving on FA with an output of 25 W.

2015 • January
First proof concept

In 2015, ten students were sparked by nature’s way of capturing the power of the sun with solely water and carbon dioxide. That’s why they formed a team to explore a new energy carrier in which power can be captured: FA. Ten students built a 600 mW car driving on formic acid during their honours project at Eindhoven University of Technology.

2014 • September
Team FAST Foundation founded

Eight of the students from the Honors program founded the student team, Team FAST. Team FAST’s mission: Show the world know this technology on large scale!

Our main values that keep pushing DENS forward


We believe in the strength of our people, the talent and the energy with which we make the impossible possible together.


Sustainability goes much further with us, we actually give the energy transition a huge boost.


We are experts in the field of battery, fuel cell and Hydrozine technology, quality and reliability are a matter of course for us.


By forming one team we overcome obstacles that we encounter on our road to success.

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