1740kWh Mobile Battery system equipped with four CCS2 DC chargers: Martens en Van Oord act green

Martens en Van Oord is a leading company in civil engineering with more than 35 years of experience. Their sustainable vision, 'green thinking and acting', is deeply embedded in the company's philosophy. They strive to be at the forefront of the market by focusing on the use and reuse of raw materials, efficient transportation, and sustainable applications. This approach is based on a closed Life Cycle Analysis, in which they reuse materials and use fuel sparingly. This vision is not only applied in their projects, but also in their day-to-day operations, actively contributing to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Mobile fast charging station

As part of their strategy to operate emission-free and reduce their carbon footprint, Martens en Van Oord has a range of electrical equipment. The latest addition to their sustainable arsenal is a 20ft Powerhub – a mobile battery system from DENS. This advanced and customer-specific solution has an impressive capacity of 1740 kWh and is equipped with four CCS2 DC chargers. One of these chargers is water-cooled with a capacity of 360 kW, specially designed for fast and efficient loading of heavy equipment.

The transport of this powerhub is done with a Hammar sideloader in combination with a Volvo FH Electric truck. This sideloader plays a crucial role in their logistics operation and ensures that this battery system can be deployed quickly and efficiently in the right place. The Powerhub will be used as a mobile fast charging station in various green projects. The system offers the possibility to charge electric trucks, excavators and other electrical equipment quickly and efficiently. This is an important step in their pursuit of sustainability and emission-free work. This innovative solution allows them to carry out their projects with minimal environmental impact and maximum efficiency.

Future-oriented vision

Martens en Van Oord's investments in electric equipment and innovative charging solutions demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future. By leading the way in the adoption of zero-emission technologies, the company is taking an important step towards a greener building industry. Every day, we work towards a greener future through smart technologies and innovative solutions. Together, we are building a greener future for all of us. 🌱🚛

More information about Martens en Van Oord and their innovative projects can be found on their website:

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