Hydrozine: liquid organic hydrogen carrier

Innovative new ways of generating, using and storing energy are of great importance to realize the energy transition from fossil to sustainable. For the generation of electricity, large/scale solar and wind energy are seen ways to make the energy grid more sustainable. However, there are also situations where a connection to the grid is not easy or completely impossible. In such situations it is important to store in a storage medium such as, for example, the hydrogen gas. However, hydrogen in gaseous form has the disadvantage that is not easy to store and transport in large quantities. To solve these problems, the liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) Hydrozine can be used.

What is Hydrozine

Hydrozine is a colorless liquid that stores up to 4 times as much hydrogen compared to pressure bottles and is also safe because it is not highly flammable.

How it's made

It can be produced from water and CO2 by means of electrolysis or by converting low-value biomass flows. Water and CO2 are used, as it were to transport energy from A to B.

Power generation technology

DENS has developed the technology in a modular way for the supply of power. Use is made of a reformer system, a PEM fuel cell system and a battery pack. The battery pack can be used as an independent energy supply and a hydrogen source can be connected separately to the fuel cell system. In addition, it is possible to connect solar panels or a windmill, so that the system can use other energy sources. In addition to the stationary solution in the form of a generator, work is being done on the mobile application that can be built into larger equipment such as (lifting) cranes, excavators or wheel loaders.

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