580kWh electric power within 19m3: Den Ouden 10ft DENS Powerhub with integrated DC charger

Den Ouden, a leading family company committed to healthy, fertile and livable soil, previously took a big step towardsustainability with the purchase of an electric mobile excavator, the Electric DX165W. And what's even more good news? They chose a powerful 10ft Powerhub to power the electric equipment. But what does this development mean and why is sustainability so important?

A future-proof economy is sustainable, climate-neutral, and circular

As a family business, Den Ouden strives to pass on a more sustainable living environment to the next generation. The ongoing electrification of its fleet of vehicles and equipment fits perfectly with this mission. Starting this year, for example,they are also deploying the ETEC E160W electric mobile excavator and the ETECE250LC and Sani SY215E electric crawler excavators. With the electric mobile excavator, Den Ouden is taking concrete steps toward amore sustainable future.

“With zero emissions of CO2, nitrogen and particulate matter during operations,they are contributing significantly to reducing their carbon footprint. This saving amounts to as much as 170 kilograms of CO2 equivalent for each eight-hour day of operation compared to a conventional mobile diesel excavator.”

It is a serious step forward towards a cleaner environment and a more sustainable society, which perfectly matches their commitment to climate-neutral and future-proof business.

580kWh Den Ouden Powerhub with integrated DC chager

But what drives these electric machines?

This is where the 10ft Powerhub comes in. Witha capacity of 580kWh, this powerful battery system provides enough energy to power Den Ouden's Electric DX165W and other electrified equipment. The integrated DC charger on this DENS Powerhub ensures that the equipment can be charged quickly. This compact 10ft battery system is easy to move to any location where power is needed.

Charging without concessions  

Den Ouden not only opts for green technology, but also invests in infrastructure that supports it. The 10ft Powerhub makes it possible to switch to electric vehicles without making concessions on performance or reliability. In addition, it contributes to a quieter work environment, benefiting both staff and local residents. With solar panels on the roof of the headquarters, there is even the possibility of powering the Powerhub there.

All in all, this move by Den Ouden is an example of how companies can take responsibility for their impact on the environment. By choosing electric vehicles and implementing the right charging infrastructure, they are demonstrating that sustainability is not only feasible, but can also be a smart business move.


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