Tuytel will rent out Emission-Free Battery System- Investing in Green Future

Tuytel, a leader in the rental of high-quality construction equipment, is taking another step towards a more sustainable future with the purchase of a 20ft hooklift Powerhub mobile battery system from DENS.

As the specialist in the rental of construction equipment for earthmoving, recycling, transport and sweeping and vacuuming, Tuytel is known for its A-quality machinery, expert advice and outstanding service & maintenance. The right equipment is essential to get any job done, and at Tuytel they are happy to advise to ensure you get exactly what you need.

But it doesn't stop there. Tuytel is committed to a greener future and is proud to keep expanding its emission-free range. They currently offer electric excavators, both tracked and mobile. And now they are adding to that with the introduction of electric trucks and battery packs.

Tuytel emission free battery system

Emission-Free Energy Solutions: Sustainability as a Priority

At a time when sustainability is increasingly prominent on the agenda and regulations regarding emissions are becoming stricter, Tuytel is playing a progressive role. Its range of electric machines allows companies to carry out their projects emission-free, thereby significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

By operating on self-generated green electricity, companies can meet strict environmental requirements without compromising on performance and efficiency. The purchase of the 20ft hooklift Powerhub mobile battery system from dens.one is a concrete step in this direction.

No power? No problem!

Does the work take place at a location without power facilities?  ‘This too is no problem’ according to director Arnold Tuytel . ‘The available battery packs can be delivered on site and then the customer can get straight to work. This is because on delivery, the batteries are fully charged with green electricity from our own soil’.

Machine interface battery system

Investing in the Future

Arnold Tuytel invites everyone to take the step towards a greener future together. ‘With the right equipment and a strong focus on sustainability, together we can build a cleaner and more liveable world for future generations’.


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