Secretary of State van Veldhoven pays a digital visit to DENS and the Brainport Smart District

Secretary of State Stientje van Veldhoven visited DENS and the Brainport Smart District (BSD) on the 30th of November, to understand how circular construction occurs in practice.

Secretary of State's Virtual Visit

Due to the active coronavirus measures this visit was online. Secretary of State van Veldhoven was impressed by all the different innovations that have emerged in Helmond. “We cannot miss any opportunity in supporting the transition to a circular energy in the construction industry. The developed innovations by BSD and DENS contribute to an enormous scale jump that we support. I like to pick up the gauntlet in order to work together on ripening the smart innovations of our partners, so that eventually this can be implemented within a bigger scale”, thus the Secretary of State.

Online Discussion and Key Participants

At an online meeting van Veldhoven started a discussion with of among others counselor Cathalijne Dortmans, Mayor Blanksma and Maxime Verhagen, chairman of “Bouwend Nederland”, and entrepreneurs Max Aerts and Tijn Swinkels of DENS. She was showed how DENS contributes to the Construction Site of the Future with the implementation of Hydrozine.. “Hydrozine, also known as formic acid, supplies sustainable electricity for electricity generators., completely free from harmful emissions and noise. With this we contribute to a cleaner construction site and the reduction of harmful emissions. To accelerate the energy transition in the construction industry, we decided to put our technique on the agenda of the Secretary of State”, tells Max Aerts, founder of DENS.

Trial Garden

After the conversation with DENS, the Secretary of State was updated about the developments in the Brainport Smart District. This developing area in Helmond is a place where sustainable innovations from the Brainport Area can settle and partners jointly dare to experiment. The Hydrozine generator developed by DENS will also be utilized for construction projects within the Brainport Smart District and this is one of the many components that contribute to the innovative and circular character of the area. “Trial gardens like BSD are of great importance for the many transitions within different regions that our country and region have to go through, for example sustainability and circularity. Innovation funds and investments, national and international, are of the most importance to test, try out and improve our innovative concepts.” Said counselor Cathalijne Dortmans and also the chairman of ‘the Stichting Brainport Smart District’.

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