Gebr. Van der Poel Invests in Sustainable Construction Equipment: DENS Powerhub

Over 50 years of knowledge and experience, expert employees and modern machinery are the rock-solid foundation of contracting company Gebr. van der Poel. The company is a well-known name in the GWW sector thanks to their constant inventiveness. As a result, this family business is known as a pioneer that not only follows standards, but creates them itself. The purchase of a DENS Powerhub by Gebr. Van der Poel, shows vision at a time when sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the construction sector. The purchase of electric machines and the ability to charge this equipment on the construction site. Underlines the importance to the transition to a zero-emission construction environment.

Sustainable energy for construction projects

The Powerhub is an advanced energy storage system designed specifically for the greening of the construction industry. It enables Gebr. van der Poel to power their construction equipment with electrical energy, reducing their dependence on traditional fuels. This allows them to carry out construction projects not only more efficiently, but also with significantly lower emissions.

Facing challenges

Gebr. Van der Poel aims to make its operations more sustainable by using advanced technologies and environmentally friendly methods. This includes not only the recent purchase of the DENS Powerhub, but also other initiatives such as implementing energy-efficient construction equipment and investigating alternative materials with a lower carbon footprint.

Although the Clean and Emission-free Construction Equipment, Grant has not been awarded, the company is fully behind this particular purchase. Waiting for an allowance from a subsidy application is just one example of the challenges companies can face when taking sustainable initiatives. Nevertheless, Gebr. Van der Poel has chosen to look ahead and invest in a cleaner future. The recent purchase of the Powerhub, is testament to their commitment to emission-free operations.

Self-sufficiency through the Powerhub

"We often work in places where no power connection is possible. And charging electrified equipment is then quite a challenge. The Powerhub then offers a solution."

Says Dammie van der Poel. "This powerful energy solution is unique in its kind due to its hook-arm system and can be used anywhere. At the end of the working day, all the equipment on the construction site can be charged. Charging the Powerhub is done with the help of the 850 solar panels on the roof of the building in Oud-Ade in Zuid-Holland."

The unique battery system developed by DENS is fully compliant with the new PGS37 regulations that become active from 2024. The compartmentalised battery system is equipped with safety sensors and a fire suppression system per 145kWh.

Integrated mobile charging infrastructure with DC fast chargers

The future potential

Gebr. Van der Poel's investment in the Powerhub proves that inventiveness and innovation not only mark the way forward, but are also the key to sustainable success in today's construction industry. It shows that, even without direct financial support, companies are willing to embrace sustainable technologies for a greener future.

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