'In 5 years' time, we will be supplying at least 1,000 Hydrozine systems to our customers'

DENS is a developer of technology that overcomes the barriers to storage and transport of hydrogen. By using the liquid hydrogen carrier Hydrozine to generate energy on site, it's possible to top up hydrogen or charge electrified equipment in places where there is no connection to the grid or when the connection is not sufficient.

This way, hydrogen can be used in a user-friendly and safe manner as an emission-free and sustainable energy source. Because the process takes place at a low temperature, no harmful substances such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides or particulate matter are formed.

Increase capacity

After the student team Team FAST had their first experiences with the technology, DENS was established in 2018 by Tijn Swinkels (CTO) and Max Aerts (CEO). 

"Currently we are working hard to increase our production facility and capacity, so that we can start serial production. The construction of a new building is a part of this.  In 5 years we will supply at least 1,000 Hydrozine systems to our customers at both national and international level."

Help and advice

While working in the student team, the entrepreneurs first came in contact with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO): "We could really use help and advice. In the intellectual property area, RVO supported us and showed us how to protect our ideas. Support with subsidy applications has also been of great value to us. We are mainly looking for help to be able to take those steps outside the Netherlands. For example: support in the field of product registration or entering into dealerships. The Starters International Business (SIB) voucher is a great example."

Believe in your own success

Golden tips for entrepreneurship: "Always keep going! Sometimes things can go wrong, but because of those setbacks you are really challenged and learn a lot from them. Ask others how they do it, learn from their experiences and spar together to find out what the best course is for you and your company. But the most important tip is: believe in your own success! Because if you don't believe in it, who would?"


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