Heijmans purchases 3.5MWh of battery packs from DENS

Heijmans, a listed company active in real estate, construction & engineering, and infrastructure, has chosen to purchase innovative Powerhub battery systems developed by DENS. Multiple systems will be delivered, totaling nearly 3.5MWh of capacity.

Heijmans plays a leading role in the sustainability of the living environment.

"Our ambition is to build completely emission-free after 2030," says Peter Schellekens, Senior Purchaser. "Heavy construction equipment, such as earthmoving and foundation machines, are major emitters on the construction site. That is why we are investing heavily in the transition to electrification of this equipment. Electrification of the construction site is the future, not only for Heijmans but for everyone. The supply and infrastructure for this are continuously developing, both technically and in terms of standards and guidelines."

Power supply on the construction site

"Electric machines need to be charged daily," says Peter. "This is a major challenge, especially for infrastructure projects where we often build along a route instead of at a single location. There are three ways to charge machines on a construction site: driving to a power point, swapping batteries, or bringing power to the machine. An 80-ton mobile crane cannot be driven to a charging point, so we bring a battery pack to the machine. We have chosen several DENS Powerhubs with a capacity of 580kWh or 1,160kWh. Depending on the required power, we bring one of these 10ft containers."


"Our work always involves risks. It is important to recognize and actively manage those risks," says Peter. "We have conducted extensive research on the battery systems currently available. Maximum system safety is one of the most important features of our Powerhub battery solutions," says Max Aerts, CEO of DENS. "In addition to an unmatched energy density, the way we have compartmentalized our system is unique. The high-tech battery system developed and produced by DENS in the Netherlands is versatile, whether it's a grid-connected or off-grid application for fast charging of vehicles or other equipment."

High-tech DNA

We see that extensive knowledge is still scarce in the market. DENS has built expertise in electrical, chemical, mechanical, and software engineering over the past years. Since 2015, we, DENS, have been working on technological developments in battery, fuel cell, and Hydrozine technology. Thanks to our in-house development team, we can quickly adapt and easily provide customer-specific solutions. This high-tech DNA aligns with Heijmans' ambitions. With our innovation capabilities and scale, we aim to make a significant contribution to accelerating the energy-neutral transformation of the Netherlands.

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