Heijmans buys DENS Powerhub battery systems for sustainable construction sites

Heijmans, a leading company in real estate, construction & engineering and infrastructure, has the goal of building carbon neutral after 2030. And the ambition is to go completely emission-free. So without emissions of CO2, nitrogen and particulate matter. Good for the climate, it provides better workplaces for employees and less nuisance for the environment. That is why they are going to make their construction equipment sustainable. By purchasing several Powerhub battery systems, they now have sufficient power on construction sites.

Electrification of construction equipment

As a pioneer in making the environment more sustainable, Heijmans is determined to build completely emission-free after 2030. Peter Schellekens, Senior Purchaser at Heijmans, emphasizes the importance of this step:

"Heavy construction equipment is a major source of emissions on construction sites. That is why we are investing significantly in the switch to electrification of this equipment. Electrification of construction sites is not only the future for Heijmans, but for the entire sector. The supply and infrastructure for this are constantly evolving, both technically and in terms of standards and guidelines."

Mobile charging infrastructure with integrated DC fast charger

A crucial aspect of the electrification of construction sites is the power supply. Peter explains:

"Electric machines need to be charged on a daily basis, which poses a major challenge, especially on infrastructure projects where we often work spread out along a route. Like, for example, the recent project site of the Department of Public Works on the A1 East. This is why we purchased several DENS mobile battery containers, ranging in capacity from 580 kWh to 1,160 kWh. Depending on the capacity required, we take one of these 10ft containers to the site."

Safety always comes first at Heijmans. Max Aerts, CEO of DENS, emphasizes the importance of system safety: "Our Powerhub battery solutions are designed with maximum system safety as a top priority. In addition to unmatched energy density, we have compartmentalized our system so that risks are effectively managed."

Mobile charging infrastructure with integrated DC fast charger

The future is electric and sustainable

DENS, with its extensive knowledge and expertise has been working on technological developments in battery, fuel cell technology since 2015. This fits perfectly with Heijmans' ambitions. DENS' high-tech DNA enables them to quickly innovate and offer customer-specific solutions, enabling them to play a crucial role in the energy-neutral transformation of the Netherlands.

This strategic partnership between Heijmans and DENS not only paves the way for emission-free construction sites, but also sends a powerful signal to the entire construction industry: the future is electric and sustainable.


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