Full Tank takes up its role as a fuel supplier for the DENS Hydrozine generator

DENS, developer of the Hydrozine aggregate and FullTank, the fuel supplier to the construction site, will soon start a pilot project in which the Hydrozine aggregate will be tested in the field. Naturally, the supply and quality of the Hydrozine, provided by FullTank, is essential for a successful pilot. Hydrozine is the hydrogen carrier and is also called formic acid.

Energy Transition and Sustainability Goals

We are in the midst of the energy transition in which the sustainability objectives are not out of place. We will only achieve these objectives if we work together with the latest innovative technologies. In addition to the reduction of CO2, other harmful emissions will also have to be reduced, such as the nitrogen problem and the health risks associated with harmful emissions of particulate matter.

FullTank's vision

“DENS' mission, to dramatically accelerate the energy transition, is in line with our vision,” says Hans de Baat, owner of FullTank.

With the installation of 6 heat pumps and 300 solar panels on the roof, a start has been made on making the AdBlue factory and the FullTank building more sustainable, so that they will become completely self-sufficient.

Role of FullTank as energy supplier

In addition, FullTank, as an energy supplier in the Netherlands and Belgium, plays an important role in supplying fuels on location at the lowest environmental impact. In the context of electrification of the construction equipment and the related exchange of battery packs, FullTank is taking the step to charge the machines emission-free on location with the DENS aggregate. The collaboration speaks for itself.

Innovation with the Hydrozine Generator

DENS has developed a generator that generates electricity on the basis of the hydrogen carrier Hydrozine. Hydrozine makes it possible to store and transport large amounts of hydrogen. Its use is very similar to that of conventional fuels such as diesel or petrol, so it fits well within the existing infrastructure that FullTank already has. The Hydrozine is converted back into hydrogen in the aggregate and then into electricity by a conventional fuel cell. In this way, hydrogen can be used in a user-friendly and safe manner as a sustainable energy source.

Hydrozine distribution by FullTank

‘In this pilot, FullTank will take care of the distribution of Hydrozine as a fuel supplier and act as a supply chain specialist. Not only do we take care of the distribution, but with our FullTank sensor we have insight into current situations such as stocks, forecasts and we can make adjustments if necessary, so that the customer always has a full tank.' to be able to immediately deploy the aggregate at any desired location, including the delivery of Hydrozine.


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