F&L Powerrental pushes ahead with zero-emission generators

F&L Powerrental, the rental specialist for temporary power, heat, water, and lighting, is continuing to expand its zero-emission rental fleet of Hydrozine generators.

First rental company

“We were the first rental company to get started with the Hydrozine generator,” says Ralph van Veen, director of F&L Powerrental. “both construction and infrastructure have a great need for off-grid emission-free energy. It is important to scale up in time so that we can continue to meet demand. A large part of the next production batches of the Hydrozine generators from DENS is therefore destined for F&L Powerrental.”

Green, greener, greenest

F&L Powerrental is a green company, a forerunner in the field of green energy, and an investor in the future. They believe in smart solutions by using the latest contemporary technology, of which the Hydrozine generator is one.


The emission-free generator developed by DENS generates energy on the basis of the liquid organic hydrogen carrier Hydrozine. Hydrozine makes it possible to store and transport large amounts of hydrogen. The Hydrozine is converted back into hydrogen in the generator and then into electricity by a conventional fuel cell.

In this way, hydrogen is used as an emission-free sustainable energy source. Because the entire process takes place at a low temperature, there are no emissions of harmful substances such as fossil CO2, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, or particulate matter. In addition, the unit is completely whisper-quiet.


“The collaboration with F&L Powerrental is very important to us,” says Max Aerts, CEO of DENS. “The confidence they give us in the roll-out of the zero-emission generator is essential. A solid rental partner, with its own service and maintenance team, makes it possible to get started on a large scale with this reliable and powerful loading structure.”

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