Building Tomorrow: DENS Innovates production line

DENS has been engaged in a project to improve her production line. The goal of the project is to produce DENS systems more efficiently and faster than was previously possible, so that customers will be able to greet their products even more quickly than before after purchase. The project is a combination of individual effort from DENS and collaboration with partners on specific parts of the end products.

These parts of the end products are called sub-assemblies. Every sub-assembly is a part of the total product and is individually assembled. With these individual assemblies DENS only needs minimal space per sub-assembly, optimizing the space available in the production hall. When every sub-assembly is finished, they can easily be combined together to form the final product. Another advantage of this way of working is that it can be applied to all DENS products. This allows DENS to keep the production process relatively simple and easy to understand, despite the complexity of her products.  

Additionally, DENS is also looking into ways to increase the efficiency of the production line. One of these ways is to automate parts of the line. An example of this is by using a robot arm to move heavy objects from one specific place to another. This saves a lot of time as employees do not need to go get a forklift every time these object have to be moved.

The project will run until the end of 2024. The project was co-financed by the European Union.
Co-founded by the European Union

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