Batteries play a crucial role in tackling grid congestion

Canpack Helmond hasrecently improved their grid connection by using peak shaving with a DENS Powerhub.

For almost a decade, Canpack Netherlands BV -Helmond has played a prominent role in the market for metal packaging. But established companies with a large grid connection will sooner or later face an energy challenge. And recently, Canpack Helmond encountered a problem with their power supply, which jeopardized the efficiency of their production.

Energy shortage

Due to the expansion of the production lines and the increasing demand, there was a need to expand the contract capacity. The grid operator was unable to comply with this request. The result: peaks in the powersupply during production, as a result of which the contracted power was frequently exceeded. However, by staying within the contract capacity, it was not possible to use the full production capacity. A solution was urgently needed.

To tackle this problem, Canpack Helmond has opted for a solution from DENS, an innovative company specializing in energy solutions. Within a very short period of time, they found a solution that perfectly matched the needs of Canpack Helmond. They installed two Powerhub battery systems with a total capacity of 1,740 kWh and a capacity of 600kW.These battery systems act as a buffer, allowing for the peaks in the power supply during production and ensuring a smooth workflow.In addition to implementing this battery solution, Canpack has also started a study on further energy-saving measures, in line with their sustainability goals. For example, they are considering charging the batteries via solar panels.


Immediate impact

The impact of these solutions is immediately noticeable. Canpack Helmond can once again rely on a stable energy supply, so that their production process can continue at full capacity. This has led to improved efficiency, increased productivity, and ultimately, increased customer satisfaction.


This case illustrates the importance of innovation and collaboration in business. The collaboration between Canpack Helmond and DENS offers a valuable lesson for other companies that are facing similar challenges in the field of grid congestion. It shows that the search for innovative solutions and strategic thinking is crucial for tackling complex energy issues.

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