GMB opts for zero-emission Hydrozine generator from DENS

Family business GMB, a leader in expertise and sustainable solutions in the field of flood risk management, water quality, bio-energy and industrial construction & infrastructure, has opted for the Hydrozine generator from DENS.


“We want to be meaningful, offer value for our customers and for society. More than ever, we live in a challenging time for our sector” says Gerard van der Veer, Head of Equipment Management. “We are progressive in our approach to the energy transition and climate change. We are increasingly seeing in tenders that emission-free working is encouraged. That is also a subject in which GMB wants to lead the way and is looking for cooperation with other parties. We have been following DENS for a long time and were interested in this technology from the very beginning. The purchase of the Hydrozine generator offers us the opportunity to provide projects with sustainable and emission-free energy. With this investment we are making a real difference in reducing our emissions.


DENS has developed the emission-free generator, DENS X2, which generates electricity on the basis of the hydrogen carrier Hydrozine (formic acid). Hydrozine makes it possible to store and transport large  quantities of hydrogen in standard stainless steel or plastic packaging units. Gerard: “The use of liquids as an energy carrier in the infrastructure field is preferable to the use of gaseous forms of energy. We are geared to this and have years of experience with it”. The Hydrozine is converted back into hydrogen in the generator and then into electricity by a conventional fuel cell. In this way, hydrogen can be used as an emission-free and sustainable energy source. Because the process takes place at a low temperature, there are no emissions of harmful substances such as fossil CO2, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide or particulate matter. In addition, the process is completely whisper  quiet.


“GMB is an important customer for us” says Max Aerts CEO DENS. “The zero-emission generator offers a reliable and powerful charging structure and for GMB the generator will also be equipped with special options such as solar panels, charging station and larger housing. Sharing knowledge and expertise has led to a solution that delivers maximum value for the customer, both in terms of energy yield and ease of use”.


“A grid connection will not be available or sufficient for every project, the generator is and will remain an indispensable part of the construction site” Adds Van der Veer. At the push of a button the Hydrozine generator delivers safe, clean energy to any location."

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