DENS can barely handle the demand: Helmond energy pioneer already needs new premises

For only a year, DENS has occupied the building on Helmond's Automotive Campus where Lightyear was previously based. But the premises where it produces its mobile battery containers is already running out of space.

Containers in various variations up to 20 feet, or six meters in length, are being produced on a daily basis. DENS can barely handle the demand. ,,Last month we sold as much as we did in all of 2023," says general manager and co-founder Tijn Swinkels. "The production capacity for 2024 is filled."

The problem of the congested power grid preventing companies from expanding their connections is causing the demand for battery systems to skyrocket. For example, DENS recently helped out local company Canpack, which was in need of additional electricity due to expansion of its can production. With two battery systems, it can add power at times of need.

Power only at night

"We have several customers who get a new power connection, but are not allowed to use it during the day but only at night," notes commercial director Anke Prinssen. In those cases, batteries are an alternative solution.

In addition, DENS sells systems for large logistics centers where there is a shortage of charging stations for electric trucks. There is also demand for battery containers for storage of energy generated by solar panels.

Another driver of order inflow is electrification in the construction industry. DENS sells many battery packs for smaller electric excavators. Demand for larger machines is also picking up. ''In order to carry out work around Natura 2000 areas, electric excavators are needed,'' explains Prinssen.

The goal for 2025 is to double sales again

DENS is considering employing a second shift in production, but in the foreseeable future larger premises will be needed to continue growth. "We are seriously exploring the possibilities for expansion with the owners of the Automotive Campus," Swinkels said.

In one year, the company expanded its workforce from 65 to 105 employees. Turnover - which is not being disclosed for competitive reasons - is expected to double this year. "The goal for 2025 is to double sales again," says finance director Manon Perez. "We expect to grow to one hundred and fifty to two hundred employees by then."

Step abroad

The company, which emerged in 2018 from TU/e student team Fast, now operates only in the Netherlands. "We are exploring the market abroad," announces Prinssen. "The grid congestion problem is playing out across the whole of Europe."

DENS is convinced that with its mobile containers, built-in charging station and high energy density batteries, it is also leading the way internationally. "At international trade fairs, we hear that there is no party abroad that makes what we make."
Text: Peter Scholtes
Photography: Rene Manders/ DCI Media

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