DENS and Hamer are going to collaborate on putting the DENS Hydrozine generator on the market

DENS, the developer of the Hydrozine generator, and Hamer, the market leader in fuel installations in the Benelux, will collaborate on the production, maintenance and service of the DENS Hydrozine generator.

Together they will accelerate the launch of the emission-free Hydrozine generators, in order to boost the energy transition. In the midst of the corona crisis, Hamer invested in DENS to get the first machines running. The innovative technical knowledge of DENS, in combination with Hamer’s many years of experience in technology, service and maintenance, ensures the perfect combination so that the Hydrozine generator from DENS can be used in a high-quality and maintenance-friendly way. With its extensive service equipment, Hamer can provide international service and maintenance to DENS generators. In addition to service, Hamer’s engineering department will also be involved in the design process, in order to make the design as maintenance-friendly as possible.

Hamer was already involved in a early stage

Family business Hamer became involved in the development of the technology in 2016 as a sponsor of the student team, team FAST, from which DENS descends. The founders of DENS, Max Aerts and Tijn Swinkels, brought the technology out of the lab in 2015 and are now developing it into a market-ready product.

“The product is now almost ready to enter the market, and now we want to accelerate. Together with a partner like Hamer, with a lot of technical knowledge and a large network, we are able to ” says Max Aerts CEO of DENS.

From Diesel to the clean and safe Hydrozine

While diesel is currently the leading fuel for the 22.3 billion large generators market, a shift to cleaner solutions can be expected in the coming years. Due to the climate objectives, there is an increasing need for emission-free alternatives. DENS offers the perfect solution for this. The Hydrozine aggregate from DENS is able to supply energy without emissions by using the liquid hydrogen carrier Hydrozine, which consists mainly of formic acid. Hydrogen is “trapped” in hydrozine in a safe and non-flammable way. Within the generator, the hydrogen is immediately regenerated from the Hydrozine and converted in a fuel cell into clean electrical energy. .  “Through this smart and safe way of hydrogen storage and transport, we remove the barriers that come with the usage of hydrogen under pressure and we offer a user-friendliness that is similar to that of a conventional generator” stated Tijn Swinkels CTO  of DENS. The collaboration between DENS and Hamer will bring the availability of affordable, reliable and sustainable modern energy for everyone (one of the UN development goals) a significant step closer. Hamer sees this application as one of the solutions for achieving the environmental objectives necessary for a cleaner world.

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