Brabant companies take the lead in energy transition

Van der Zanden and Boomrooierij Weijtmans choose DENS  Powerhub Plateau Container

Van der Zanden from Moergestel and Boomrooierij Weijtmans from Udenhout share the same vision and policy when it comes to sustainability.

Talking about it is not enough, both companies would rather just get to work. “We have equipped our business locations with an enormous amount of solar panels with which we generate our own energy,”according to Henk van der Zanden and Kees Weijtmans, “but we also both ran into the problem that we could not always have that energy at the desired time.” DENS offers a reliable and safe solution for energy storage with the Powerhub Plateau Container.

Secure, flexible energy storage

“With our battery system, we offer a flexible solution,”says Max Aerts. “We have developed a pack that you can easily link and expand and which fully complies with the PGS37 standard mandatory in 2024. For us, safety is one of the most important aspects in the development of our products. What makes DENS Powerhub  unique is that it is compartmentalized, cooled per module and equipped with a fire prevention system per module”.

The solar panels installed at the company locations generate a large amount of energy, which is only partially used for own use. Where there is a surplus of energy at the business locations, there is a shortage of energy at the project locations. The increasing use of electrified equipment creates a much bigger demand for energy. By storing your own generated energy directly in the Powerhub, it can be taken along at a later time. Fast, safe and simple, with a hooklift system, 2.32MW can be taken to a project in 1 transport movement. ‘We thoroughly explored the market, DENS really stood out. The zeal with which they set to work is in line with our way of acting. Don’t talk, just do it!’

A Powerhub has added value

“In addition to the fully electric Doosan DX165W that we recently commissioned, we also have an electric crane, an electric truck-mounted platform and 2 electric buses that make it possible to carry out environmentally friendly and emission-free projects. We only ran into the problem that not every project had a grid connection to load the equipment. Now we are completely self-sufficient, with clean energy generated by ourselves, also at our new location in Son. We cannot wait for the grid operators to supply a connection or increase capacity, that takes far too long,”says Kees Weijtmans.  “After purchasing various electric commercial vehicles and small equipment, we will soon receive our first fully electric 30-ton crawler crane, a Doosan DX300''says Henk van der Zanden, “to provide it with sufficient power, we have purchased 2 pieces of DENS Powerhub  containers from 2.32MW each, so our crane can run for at least a full week. In the coming period, the electrification of our machinery and vehicle fleet will be continued and our commercial vehicles and tools will also be equipped with batteries, so that we can carry out projects emission-free and thus meet the wishes of our clients.

In addition, we can supply electricity from our own solar panels to other organizations with capacity problems in the field of electricity, such as large events and construction sites that are not (timely) supplied with energy.

“The fact that as a company you are completely self-sufficient with clean energy, generated at our own location, is an absolute value for every project” both conclude.

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