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Are you someone who thrives in a team environment with young and international colleagues? Do you see every challenge as an opportunity to learn and expand your skills? Can you effortlessly adapt to changing circumstances and do you find it a challenge to deal with different tasks and situations? Then this position as a Powerhub Mechanic at DENS is tailor-made for you.

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This is what a Powerhub mechanic does

As a Powerhub Mechanic, no day is the same. You will play a crucial role in assembling and installing our innovative Powerhubs. You will be responsible for a wide range of tasks within our dynamic production process. Your main responsibilities include:

  • Installation of our innovative building blocks: You will start your week by carefully assembling and placing our innovative building blocks, which form the basis of our advanced systems. Using a forklift truck, you will ensure that these blocks are placed exactly in place, ready for the next step in the process;
  • Producing HV and PE cables: You are also involved in the production of HV (High Voltage) and PE (Earth) cables, which are crucial for our systems. With your craftsmanship, you will ensure that these cables meet the highest quality standards
  • Connecting our innovative building blocks: After installing the building blocks, you will connect them electrically. You ensure that all connections are safe and correct, so that the building blocks function optimally and are ready for use;
  • Installing the cooling system: You install and test the cooling system essential for the operation of our products. Your precision and attention to detail ensure that everything works perfectly, even under the toughest conditions;
  • Placing constructive parts: This is where you really train your muscles! You will install the construction around our building blocks which ensures the stability and rigidity of our Powerhubs. This work requires not only accuracy but also physical strength;
  • Providing the exterior of our Powerhubs: Finally, you give our Powerhubs their exterior, making them not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Your contribution ensures that our products look as impressive as they perform.
    You will work closely with a young and international team where English is the working language.

You will work directly with our Greek team leader, who speaks both English and understands Dutch. In this position of Powerhub Mechanic, it is crucial that you are familiar with mechanical and electro-technical tools, and that you can be flexible with different tasks and responsibilities

This is what we are looking for

We are looking for enthusiastic and skilled professionals who share our passion for innovation and precision. You have extensive experience with both mechanical and electrical tools. You know how to use these tools in the most effective way to achieve perfect results.

You have previously worked in a manufacturing environment and understand the dynamics and challenges involved. Your practical experience makes you an indispensable member of our team, as you know how to work efficiently and safely in such a setting.

In addition, you have a forklift certificate and operational experience in moving and placing heavy building blocks. You operate the forklift truck with precision and care, contributing to a smooth and safe production process.
Our working language within the team is English, and it is essential that you are proficient in this language. You will communicate with colleagues from different countries, and your language skills help to avoid misunderstandings and strengthen cooperation.

Last but not least, you have a flexible attitude and a team-oriented work ethic. You adapt easily to changing circumstances and are always willing to support your colleagues where necessary. Working together is in your blood, and you are always focused on achieving common goals.

Here's what you can expect

At DENS, we reward your commitment and expertise with a salary commensurate with your education and experience. You are entitled to 25 holiday days per year, supplemented by 2 days of collective leave, so you have plenty of time to relax and recharge.

We offer you not only a challenging position, but also the opportunity to grow with the organisation. You will be part of a team with an excellent working atmosphere, where weekly get-togethers and fun team activities are the norm.

To support your professional development, we offer you the opportunity to attend training and courses. This way, you can continue to improve your skills and gain new knowledge.

In addition, we take good care of your future with a pension scheme through PMT, so you can work on your career with peace of mind.

About DENS

DENS is committed to facilitating the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. We develop the technology that overcomes the barriers to storing and transporting hydrogen. Hydrozine is a safe and efficient liquid hydrogen carrier that makes it easy to store hydrogen in tankers and transport it to locations around the world. Once on site, the patented technology extracts the hydrogen (dehydrogenation) so that it can be used in fuel cell vehicles or to produce electricity to charge batteries for electric vehicles and machinery.
In addition, DENS develops Powerhubs (battery systems). The DENS Powerhub is a high-tech battery system for on/off grid applications, energy storage and/or super fast charging of vehicles or equipment. The DENS Powerhub stands out in terms of technology, performance, safety and energy density.
DENS' solutions help reduce emissions from infra, agriculture, mining, construction and other industries from heavy vehicles and machinery-that would otherwise be powered by diesel.

Are you interested? Send your CV and motivation to career@dens.one

Acquisition is not appreciated. DENS does not accept unsolicited help from agencies for this vacancy. Resumes (in whatever form) sent by job placement agencies to any DENS employee without a valid written search are regarded as the property of DENS for which no compensation is owed in any way.

Powerhub Mechanic

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