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20 kW Generator

With the Hydrozine generator, DENS offers the solution for emission-free construction. The DENS X2, which generates electricity on the basis of the liquid hydrogen carrier Hydrozine, can generate more than 3.2MWh of energy on a single refueling without emitting harmful emissions. In the generator, the Hydrozine is converted into hydrogen and then into electricity in a hydrogen fuel cell. This way, hydrogen can be used in a user-friendly and safe manner as an emission-free and sustainable energy source.


DENS Hydrozine Aggregaat 20Kw
Nominal output

Maximum peak power (up to 2hrs)

Max. fuel consumption

Ca. 37 L/h
Standard tank size

4000 L
Integrated battery

60 kWh

10 ft container
Digitally connected



DENS X2 is completely silent and does not emit harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides, particulate matter or fossil CO2. This makes the generator ideal for use in nature or inner-city areas. Therefore has the use of Hydrozine no impact on the environment, which benefits biodiversity and public health.


A powerful charging infrastructure is essential on an emission-free construction site, which is why the generator can charge with 40 kW as standard. The charging capacity can optionally be expanded to 200 kW. This allows the operating hours of electrical equipment to be significantly extended by fast charging during breaks.


The generator records a wide range of information ranging from fuel consumption to the amount of emissions saved by the deployment. This information can be displayed on the generator itself by means of a touchscreen and can also be found online in real time.


Checking fuel levels is a thing of the past with a generator that indicates in real-time when a new refueling is required. The digital tank levels can also be forwarded directly to fuel suppliers so that the generator can be supplied with new Hydrozine on time.

Use cases

The DENS X2 can be used to supply energy in places where a grid connection is not sufficient or not available. On the construction site, the X2 can be used to load electrified equipment, construction, lighting or as a power supply for water pumps for groundwater drainage. At events such as festivals, the DENS X2 can be used as a power source or used to charge electric vehicles such as motorbikes or visitors cars. These are of course just a few of the many possibilities.

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