DENS Powerhub Batterij Systeem DENS Powerhub Batterij Systeem

Definite solution; Van Werven getting started with DENS Powerhub

Van Werven, versatile service provider in the field of infrastructure & recycling, works daily on a sustainable infrastructure, recycling (circular economy) and fertile soil. “Challenged by society and customers, we have been looking for and were able to find new connections for over 75 years,” says  Cor van Werven. “Because we are always searching for solutions and at the same time being a family business with the freedom to invest in the long term, we can adapt very well to a changing society.”

Challenging conditions

It has been known for some tine that the construction and infrastructure sector are facing a major challenge towards zero-emission construction sites. With the recent ruling on nitrogen decree, these challenging circumstances have gained momentum. “We have prepared for this rapid turnaround, we already have the first four electric machines in operation and a large number are still on order. And where electrified work is done, charging also needs to been done. We see different scenario’s, because every project is different. But the fact remains: you always want to be self-sufficient on a project.”

Self generated energy

“We have equipped all our business locations with solar panels. The energy we generate with this is not always used immediately. By storing this in batteries, we can use our own generated power on projects where there is no grid connection (yet) or where the connection cannot provide  sufficient capacity. The way in which we can completely unburden our customers in this way is significant, we provide a definite solution!’


It was clear to Van Werven that the battery solution they were looking for had to be as flexible as possible in terms of capacity (kWh), transport and the options for using this energy. With the Powerhub, DENS offers a solution that feels like customization and is multi-purpose at the same time. The packs can be fed with energy from the grid, from solar or wind sources or the less desirable, but nevertheless possible fossil sources. “As far as we are concerned the flatrack system is the ideal solution, we simply have the trucks equipped with hooklift systems in-house and our drivers work with them on a daily basis. The battery system developed by DENS is distinguished by the fact that it is developed with due observance of the new PGS37 regulations that will become mandatory from 2024.The system is compartmentalized, can optionally be cooled or heated per module and is equipped with a fire prevention system per module to limit any damage per module.”


The purchase of two flat racks with a total of more than 2.2 MWh of battery capacity ensures that work that must be carried out emission-free ca be taken on with confidence. This is how Van Werven provides a definite solution.