Samenwerking DENS, Voorbij En UMS Samenwerking DENS, Voorbij En UMS

Collaboration between the companies DENS, Voorbij Funderingstechniek and UMS

DENS joins hands with Voorbij Funderingstechniek (a foundation engineering company) and Urban Mobility Systems (UMS), and works together on the sustainability process of foundation engineering, construction and the infrastructure industries by means of the electrification of machines and a generator that runs on Hydrozine.

We are truly proud that Voorbij Funderingstechniek takes, combined with DENS and UMS, on this big and important step towards the electrification and a more sustainable foundation engineering, construction and infrastructure industry.

Voorbij Funderingstechniek is one of the leaders within the foundation engineering industry regarding sustainability.  In June, they already announced the shift towards HVO B100 fuel. Now they go to the next step in collaboration with DENS and UMS. DENS is a fast growing company that wants to accelerate the energy transition with their Hydrozine generator. UMS is an expert of electrification solutions among others in the area of industrial vehicles. They develop the battery systems for DENS, which is an important part of the generator. The collaboration between DENs, UMS and Voorbij Funderingstechniek is a huge step in connecting the supply chain. UMS concerns itself with the development and the electrification of a midi excavator, a shovel and a pile driver. DENS provides the required energy to charge the electric foundation equipment with their Hydrozine generator. Coming closer toward 2030, there will be more developments. This is a huge step towards the end goal of a fully electric and emission free construction process.

How does the Hydrozine generator work ?

The Hydrozine generator is an unique and versatile technic which is capable of delivering emission free energy by using the liquid substance Hydrozine. The generator operates on the liquid hydrogen carrier Hydrozine, which does not need pressure tanks in its liquid form, in contrary to hydrogen itself. Hydrozine consists of 53 gram of hydrogen per liter, and can therefore store huge amounts of hydrogen in a save way. Within the generator, the hydrogen is immediately regenerated from the Hydrozine and converted in a fuel cell into clean electrical energy.  This keeps the generator as user-friendly as the “old” diesel generator. With this generator we can work with batteries that are charged by using Hydrozine. This makes us the first in the world to charge a midi excavator and a shovel within a 24-hour cycle.

Dot on the horizon

UMS will soon start with the first electrification of the midi excavator, shovel and pile driver. After that, Voorbij Funderingstechniek will also start using the Hydrozine aggregate. However, they are taking steps to implement this more widely within Voorbij Funderingstechniek. The technology and electrification can easily be scaled up, so that in the future we can also generate sustainable energy for more and larger electrified construction materials.

In contrast to the “old” diesel generator and the old pile driver, the Hydrozine aggregate and electrified foundation equipment is CO2 neutral, whisper quiet and there are no emissions of nitrogen, sulfur oxide and particulate matter. We are extremely proud that this collaboration is a major and important step towards the electrification and a more sustainable foundation technology, construction and infrastructure industry.

Voorbij Funderingstechniek