DENS Hydrozine Technologie DENS Hydrozine Technologie

DENS, Dutch Energy Solutions, specializes in Hydrozine solutions that make hydrogen and electricity available to industries that operate independently of the grid. DENS solutions help reduce emissions from agriculture, construction and other industries using heavy duty vehicles and machinery that would otherwise be powered by diesel.

Our mission

“Rapidly accelerate the energy transition by creating safe and reliable hydrogen sources that provide renewable, zero-emission power around the world”.

Our vision

“Overcoming the barriers to hydrogen storage and transport by producing it safely where necessary using the versatile hydrogen carrier Hydrozine”.


We believe in the strength of our people, the talent and the energy with which we make the impossible possible together.


We have the opportunity to change the world with our clean technology. Sustainability goes much further with us, we actually give the energy transition a huge boost


We are experts in the field of Hydrozine technology, quality and reliability are a matter of course for us.


By forming one team we overcome obstacles that we encounter on our road to success.