DENS Hydrozine Technologie DENS Hydrozine Technologie


DENS is a high-tech development company based in Brabant, which has been working on technological developments in the field of battery, fuel cella n d Hydrozine technology since 2015. Extensive knowledge about these new and climate-neutral techniques is still scarce in the market, but DENS has built up its expertise in recent years and thus broad expertise at the mechanical, electrical, chemical and software technical level. This in-house development team enables DENS to respond quickly to an uncertain and ever-changing supply chain and to easily realize customer-specific solutions.

Every system that DENS has developed is digitally drawn down to the last bolt and fully tested for quality and functionality.


We believe in the strength of our people, the talent and the energy with which we make the impossible possible together.


We have the opportunity to change the world with our clean technology. Sustainability goes much further with us, we actually give the energy transition a huge boost


We are experts in the field of battery, fuel cell and Hydrozine technology, quality and reliability are a matter of course for us.


By forming one team we overcome obstacles that we encounter on our road to success.